A trip to the mall to sit on Santa’s knee is a special event for families, but the holiday hustle and bustle can be overwhelming for kids with autism and other special needs. That’s why a group of volunteers is pleased to offer Quiet Santa.  

This controlled, low-stimulus event offers children and their families an opportunity to visit with Santa in a quiet setting, away from the mall, lights and loud noises. ​

Since 2012, we solely rely on donations, sponsors, and volunteers to make this event possible.  There is no charge to the families attending.  Donations helps us supply each attending child with a small gift from Santa, a keepsake photo opportunity, and provide a quiet area for waiting families.  Additional expenses include website fees, event supplies, costumes, snacks and materials.  

Families wishing to attend are asked to please contact us to register and/or for more information.  
>This event is strictly for children with autism or other special needs and their families.<

A unique, sensory-friendly event for families

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Low Lights | Less Crowded | Memorable Visit

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Quiet Santa

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I am thrilled to announce that Quiet Santa will be back for 2018! {Happy dance!}

It is my pleasure and honor to announce that Katy Morgan-Davies will be the primary contact person going forward.

Katy’s family has been coming to Quiet Santa since 2014. Her three young children, husband, and parents have experienced first-hand the importance of the unique sensory friendly environment provided by Quiet Santa.

Katy, her husband Adam, and her parents, Ken and Sue, are excited to take the lead on this special event.
I will be working closely with Katy and her family on this year's event so you can expect the same experience as in the past. Dates and registration for Quiet Santa are being worked on and will be announced on our website, Facebook page, and via email in the coming months.

2018  Event Sponsors:

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